It's Good To Be Funny On Social Media

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It's Good To Be Funny on Social Media


Milton Berle nailed it when he said; “Laughter is an instant vacation.” Indeed, no matter how heavy the storm in your life gets, a good laugh can take away all the stress that you’re feeling. Laughter is a form of communication that bridges the gap between cultures, ages, languages and demographics. No wonder why memes and funny hashtags became so trendy instantly.



According to studies, marketers use humor when making their advertisement and content viral. Consequently, humorous posts on social media receive more shares and comments, which means that you have to make your social media visual content fun! This is good news for your brand. But other than that, what are other benefits of being funny on social media?


Below are 4 benefits of being funny on social media:


It unites people.

Laughter is contagious. We laugh 30 times more when we’re with other people than when we’re alone. Laughter releases tension and unites people, according to Robert R. Provine, professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. When you are able to make your social media fans and followers laugh, you build connections between them and your brand.


It triggers emotions.

Humor produces sparks of positive feelings, so maybe humor is the special formula that uncovers the power of social media. Your body releases endorphins when you are happy. This is why you feel relaxed and relieved from stress when you smile or giggle a bit. By sharing funny posts, you associate pleasant feelings with your brand.


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It makes people remember your brand.

Happy feelings create memories. Do you still remember that day you got your cuddly little furbaby? What about that time she finally said ‘yes’ and even the day you got married?

Beautiful memories are not easily forgotten. In fact, only 42% of positive experiences are forgotten, while 62% of negative experiences fade from our memory. In advertisements, no one certainly remembers a dull, boring YouTube video. But a humorous one like Mobile Strike “Arnold’s Fight” video advertisement, everyone surely does!

Publishing humorous content will help people remember your brand in the short and long-term.


It gives your audience insights.

The director of Humor Research Lab and author of Humor Code, Peter McGraw, said that “funny” is the intersection of violation and benign. So use social media to capture your audience's eye. In an everyday observation, something that’s benign is not going to be funny. Subsequently, in an offensive view of the world, something that’s a violation is not going to be funny. But the sweet spot in between everyday and offensive – that’s where funny happens.

That sweet spot is where your audience tells you about their mindset, desires and values. In order to find this perfect junction, you might need to take some risks in testing something that you think is too benign or too offensive. Nevertheless, the insights you gain into understanding your audiences’ mindset are worth all the risks.

Being funny builds positive relationship between you and your audience, develops brand recall for marketing, and gives an opportunity to better understand your audiences’ mindset. Humor may be a little struggling at first, and it may not always be the right approach for your business, but it’s something worth trying.



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