How to Sell Products with Personality

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With a diverse market as today, customers are no longer divided into black and white nor are there any grey areas. However, because of this diverse market, you can say that it is hard to please them because of varying tastes. That’s why some products fail because they fail to address the varying tastes of their market.

Here are a few tips on how you can sell products with personality.

Tip # 1: There is no one size fits all
In clothing, this term is fairly common, however, it does not always reflect to every market out there, yet many people forget about that especially if they do not sell clothes. Always remember that your customers are not robots, they are people with their own cocktail of personalities and often respond differently to your company’s products depending on their needs. To address that, you need to have someone who can easily spot their need and address their sales pitch to it. If that does not work, maybe it is time to change your marketing tactics to something more flexible.

Tip # 2: Know your market’s personality
Are they aggressive, competitive, goal-oriented? Do they trust a lot? These are just some of the personalities that one should look out for as knowing what kind of personality they possess will help you push your products in an amicable way as possible. For example, competitive clients are often demanding. That means they want instant result that would give them positive results in the overall picture. However, they can become impatient if their answers are not given in the set amount of time they have set up. They demand a professional approach with a lot of things. On the other hand, those who are more structured are easy to get along with. They like a challenge however they are not as meticulous as the former.

Sell Products with Personality

There are also what they call the humanist type of clients and they’re very much like the structured and kind ones and for them, forging good relationships is extremely important. However, for them, they care more for the well-being of their around them regardless if they are the employees or their own clients. They are often hard to sell because they often look at things in a retrospect as they want to have the best end-product for everyone. You can say that they are people pleasers to an extent. They are also highly charismatic and have quite the following which makes them also a formidable force to deal with.

Finally, there is also the analytical type of personality. This type is like the goal-oriented. They like to see the results as predictable as a simple math equation. They want hard facts and things that could easily be backed up with substantial data. However, they hate the flowery type of sales pitch and would rather go straight to the point. They also love to throw a lot of questions regarding the product. This is because they want to know if they are getting worth the money they have paid for with the best results in mind. They are the types that should not be underestimated.

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