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The Battle Between Siri and Google Assistant

2 minute reading
  While everyone is still battling on which virtual assistant is better, Siri and Google Assistant continue to be on top of everyone’s list. Whether you like it or not, it's difficult to choose the best when both claim to be number 1. This article will allow you to make up your mind and choose between which assistant has the ability to actually assist you better. Here are the top three criterias when picking the best virtual assistant.  
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Artificial Intelligence Will Expand Your Business Brainpower

# Business
2 minute reading
  When you take advantage of inbound marketing consulting with regards to Artificial Intelligence, it replaces the labor force and the cost of spending the right mechanism for your business. These may be common to most companies, but artificial intelligence will expand your business brainpower. This...
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What is a Facebook Bot?

# Facebook
3 minute reading
  On April of 2016, Facebook announced the launch of their new messenger platform where businesses can build custom bots in their Messenger service. After the announcement, the tech and marketing world lost their minds and thousands of articles were released on how the open Messenger platform could ...
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