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5 Easy Steps to be Mobile-Friendly in 2017

3 minute reading
    As time passes, individuals, groups, and companies have been doing their best to become and stay mobile-friendly. It's not just you who has gone completely digital. This is one of the reasons that as a business owner you have to find ways and even gather ideas to get subscribers on your blog. So to ensure that your company will not be left behind, here are 5 easy steps to be mobile-friendly in 2017.  
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The Impact of Growth-Driven Design on E-Commerce

# Design
2 minute reading
  One of the most constantly changing things on a daily basis would be business, specifically e-commerce. Just like your needs, it may create a small change or a really big one- something that cannot be expected. You have to make sure you're prepared. In most cases, business owners have outdated web...
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The Significant Growth of Mobile Commerce

# Mobile Development
3 minute reading
  Mobile commerce has shown an astonishing growth since 2015. The significant growth of mobile commerce is exhibited in the amount of business services that are available on mobile devices. From mobile money transfer, mobile ticketing, mobile vouchers, coupons, loyalty cards, content purchase and de...
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On-Page SEO 101: Keyword Optimizing

# Digital Marketing
3 minute reading
    Marketers have to ensure that their websites are always ranking high on search engines. Google’s algorithm keeps an endless update,  so it's very important that marketers and business entrepreneurs know the right techniques in order to rank high on search engines, such as Google and Bing. The be...
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