Using Retargeting Campaigns to grab your Target Market in the World Wide Web

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Florence Valderrama

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We all would like to think that every visitor of our website would always go to the expected route of filling up forms, making a purchase and eventually becoming a returning customer but reality is not like that. In fact, majority of the time, potential buyers would just pass by your website – often times just to take a peek and then leave. It takes them a while to find the latest posts or to actually purchase your product the moment you start launching it out the World Wide Web.

This is where we insert retargeting campaigns.

There are two types of retargeting: pixel-based and list-based. The two are unique in their own way and can either be used for a specific campaign goal.

The first one and most common type is pixel-based retargeting. This type of retargeting campaign gives you the ability to display your content to anonymous visitors in your website. This happens when someone visits your site and receives a “cookie”. This “cookie” then signals retargeting platforms in your system to make specific advertisements appear on your visitor’s browser, which is determined by the type of pages they have visited. What’s good about pixel-based retargeting campaigns is that they are appropriate for any visitor because they respond to your visitor’s preferences. However, the downside is that this is dependent on the amount of people coming and going to your side making it dependent on visitor traffic. It can also prove to be difficult if your website has a lot of pages.

The second type is list-based retargeting campaigns. However, this is a trickier method given that it is highly reliant to whatever contacts (email addresses) you have currently stored in your data base. Though this is not as common as the first type, it is efficient because it targets a specific crowd and can be highly customizable.

Whichever type you should pick for your retargeting campaign, one must always carefully plan out their marketing scheme. Here are a few tips on how to make retargeting campaigns work for your brand:

A good marketer will always take into consideration their different target audiences and how they are unique. Though not all of these will result to immediate clicks, it will however guarantee that they will come back for more and eventually will blossom into a profitable relationship in the long run.

Just because retargeting seems to be the most effective way to deliver your message across to several possible returning clients, never go for the “one-size-fits-all” scheme. Though retargeting involved banners that respond to the preference of a visitor, having retargeting ads feature a specific product over a rather broad one will most likely generate more clicks.

Finally, take your time to think out your ads. As much as you would like to market everything in one go, no one likes to seem a jam-packed advert. Always take into consideration how your retargeting campaigns would look in the point-of-view of the consumer. This will ensure their attention as well as increase your chances of unique clicks.


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Florence Valderrama

Written by Florence Valderrama

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