The 5 Best Marketing Takeaways from Trump

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The 5 Best Marketing Takeaways from Trump


It was a tough Tuesday on the recent Super Tuesday event, where candidates have proven who they are and what they can bring to the table. But what stunned business entrepreneurs was how Trump performed that night. Believe it or not, yes, it was a stunning performance, but little did everyone know that his speech brought marketing takeaways to the anyone building a business or a brand. 

Below, are the 5 best marketing takeaways from trump


1. Shock as a Rock

Do you remember that time during the 2010’s MTV Video Music Awards where Lady Gaga wore and extraordinary meat dress? Giving your audience or your target market a shock works as hard as a rock. In other words, this is an awesome tactic to capture the crowd’s attention and not look on to your competitor’s. Once your audience is given this shock no matter what the level is, they will sure be talking about it in social networking sites, spreading the news, and letting everyone know about your brand or business. 


2. The best things are free

And that includes media promotion. Report says, of all the seven candidates, Trump ranks in the lowest raising only about $27.3 million. More media has trusted him as he seeks for presidency. It may be difficult to gain someone’s trust, but as your audience would put their faith in you, promoting your business or brand would become easy. 


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3. Keeping it Simple

Consumers or your target market just need simple solutions to their needs. So, don’t make it hard for them. Should their be easy ways for them to take advantage of the product you are selling, keep that and do not hesitate to share it to the market. Your business or brand may require your customers a detailed information for them to understand more about your product, again, keep it short and simple.


4. Context and Timing

There are only two words to describe the candidate. People may have heard him speak in front of the crowd telling everyone his goals and plans in the coming years the moment he sits in the office.  It’s not about how Trump explained his solutions for the country, but being alone is better that being with the crowd. Timing and the context is what a business entrepreneur needs. 


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5. It's a Healthy Competition

Consider this, your target market thinks that your product or your business is better that your competitors. Your knowledge on the product or your business is your key weapon to be on the edge. Moreover, if you know what you are selling, your customers will definitely be coming to your business. 

Coming from an entrepreneur himself, there is always no shortcut to success not only to this kind of business, but to every step you take. These tactics have worked for Trump, in short, being honest to everyone can definitely lead you to success. 



What are some tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind for your business success?

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