Best Websites of the 2016 Presidential Elections

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Best Websites of the  2016 Presidential Elections



It is that time of the year again that the highest position in the United States is up for grabs. Each of the candidates are now being compared on what they have to offer when it comes to healthcare, the economy,  international policy and how to reduce the unemployment rate. Because technology is now as strong as ever, the candidates are not only being compared to their political platforms, but also on how beautiful and user friendly their websites are.



Take note that the candidates’s websites might change from time to time. Also, depending on where you are located, the websites might show different content. Read below to know what the best websites of the 2016 presidential elections are. 

1. Home Page

Almost all of the candidates have the same home page structure with the exception of Bernie Sanders. Home pages include a large top navigation and an even larger hero image of the candidate’s web page, join or donate call-to-actions and also a main section that includes videos and news about the candidates themselves. All of the websites are responsive and adaptive to all screeen sizes and resolutions.

Marco Rubio’s homepage contains an accolade of news, videos and articles about himself. However, Bernie Sanders' website has a narrow information bar that contains information and a call for donations. Unlike other candidates that post a header images of themselves, Bernie Sanders posts a heroic mosaic picture of 140 people.

Upcoming primary news are constantly updated in the candidate’s home page with the exception of Donald Trump who’s website is seemingly outdated as compared to his rivals.


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2. Splash Pages

All of the candidates’s website have a splash page that tries to collect donations or get people to join their campaigns, except for Donald Trump. Every time a user visits their websites, these splash pages will appear and most of them contain a hard to find button that will lead you to the main website.


3. Main Navigation

One of the more important functions of a website is the main navigation bar which makes the website navigation easier for visitors. Except for Bernie Sanders, all of the websites have a top navigation. Donald Trump’s website supports a primary navigation tab but also has a secondary navigation tab for easy access to the site’s content.


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4. Hispanic Visitors

The Hispanic vote in the United States defines the presidential election. Becuase of this, there will be some Spanish voters who visit your website, which is why it is important for the candidate’s website to have a Spanish tab. Websites of Cruz, Sanders and Clinton all support a visible En Español link either in the navigation or in the top of the page. Marco Rubio’s page does not directly contain a link that can translate the website into Spanish, only a Meet Marco page which will result in translating the article to Spanish.

Each candidate has his or her own approach when it comes to creating their websites. Design teams are always working hard to update their candidate’s page so that visitors can be updated as well. 


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