Creating Marketing Personas For Community Banks

creating marketing personas for community banks community bank marketing


Community banks must make themselves attractive to consumers if they are to succeed. Doing this requires them to build personas designed to draw customers. These personas must be engaging, promise experiences specially tailored for each client, offer a variety of timely services, know their target market, and be easily accessible.

The modern consumer doesn't want a financial institution that tries to dictate to them what's possible. Today's consumer is looking for a collaborative relationship. One where they feel comfortable telling their banker their needs and having the banker be open to working with them to ensure their needs are met. This type of responsiveness must be a part of the persona of the community bank if it's to succeed in today's very competitive financial services market.

The days of one size fits all banking are over. The most successful community banks are the ones that seek to build relationships with their customers and are willing to tailor the banking experience to meet the customer's short and long-term needs and goal. The persona of the community bank must be one of an institution which strives to offer a more personalized banking experience. One in which the customer is more than just a number. When the customer recognizes the bank cares about them, a lucrative relationship for all involved can be created.

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Another important part of a winning persona for a community bank is the willingness and ability to provide easy access to financial services. In the past, financial institutions made consumers jump through hoops, and required lots of collateral, and perfect credit to get the financial services they needed. Today community banks must be accessible online, by telephone, and in person, and be seen as willing to be flexible in their banking practices to attract and retain customers.

Providing quality customer service is another crucial part of the persona of any community bank that wants to do well. For years consumers have been forced to accept substandard service. But they long to be treated with respect. A community bank known as an institution that respects, cares about, and takes care of its customers has a chance to develop a large and growing customer base. Creating a warm and welcoming persona can turn your community bank into a beloved local institution.


To target consumers with greater precision, community banks must base their business personas on the goals, needs, attitudes, and motivations of their target audience. Their demographics and socioeconomics must be studied, understood, and leveraged to maximize the effectiveness of the business persona being developed to attract them. This includes the language and design elements used in your website and other forms of communications. Building an effective persona requires a combination of actual consumer data and extensive market research.  

When you understand what potential customers really want, do, think, and need, you are better able to create a persona which attracts them. You'll be able to tailor your community bank's persona to help perspective customers know you value them, understand their unique needs, and are an authentic part of their community. An institution they can trust to provide them with the resources they need whether it's personal, homeowners, tuition, or small-business loans, or access to any other financial instrument.

Strategic development of the appropriate persona to transform your community bank into an organization customers promote to family and friends isn't complex. It simply requires valuing the consumer and making it clear you are ready, willing, able, and happy to provide them with the resources they need.


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