Do You Want to Become a Social Entrepreneur?

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Do You Want to Become a Social Entrepreneur


Social entrepreneurship, when these two words come into mind, what do you usually think of? By the word social, you might think that it has something to do with the community or the society. By entrepreneurship, you'll probably think that it might have something to do with business right? If this is what you think then you're right! Social Entrepreneurs are people who always keeps a keen eye on society and see big problems and at the same time also innovative answers that can become permanent and can change the fabric of society as we know it. If you are moved by these words, then maybe you are thinking of becoming a social entrepreneur yourself? If you do, then you might want to listen to these tips. 


So do, do you want to become a social entrepreneur? Do you think you have what it takes?

These tips can help you get started in your new career!

Humility creates partnership

Genuine humility always creates a positive atmosphere and plays a big role on your relationship with people, the communities and organizations that you are trying to help. You might be thinking that you have the know-how and the degree to be in the business, but if you lack the humility all of those might just go to waste. Always remember that you can always learn from everybody that you meet and being a social entrepreneur, you will be meeting different kinds of people. 


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You are in the movie!

When you watch a movie, you always feel like you're in that world that you're watching. But it's just a movie right? In this business, you always need to remember that you are not watching a movie, but rather you're in the movie yourself! Being a social entrepreneur means that there will be no other guys that will be taking care of the situation because you'll be dealing  with these problems yourself. Always continue to remind yourself that there are no other guys that will do the work for you. Instead, you will be the hero of this movie and you will make sure that you tackle problems personally.

Self Reflection

What comes into mind when you hear about the word self reflection? You might be thinking meditation or tranquility right? Self reflection allows you to connect with your inner self, identify your motivation, and find your purpose. Maybe you want to become a social entrepreneur because you want to solve various community problems such as poverty and healthcare. Do you believe that certain attributes, experiences and gifts can contribute in solving the problems of society? Are you trying to help people out for the better good or maybe you are trying to make a name for yourself? You can self reflect and ask these questions to yourself before you decide to become a social entrepreneur. Continuous self reflection can keep you well into your purpose and your motivation. Want to become a leader and influencer in your industry? Find out how. 



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