5 Google AdWords Features to Use in 2017

Google AdWords Features to Use in 2017


Google released several new AdWords features throughout 2016 and beginning of 2017 which today, brings opportunities for paid advertisers to beef up their marketing campaign. Here are 5 Google AdWords features to use in 2017. See how they can help you.



  1. Device Adjustments

This is one of the most awaited updates as it allows advertisers to bid separately on mobile, tablet, and computer devices. Many advertisers have long struggled with lack of ability to optimize among these devices so this is really a relief.

When Google released its Enhanced Campaigns feature in 2013, there had been some issues created along with it, so it gives advertisers the ability to bid separately on mobile phones. But when doing so, the bids on desktop are also affected.

It's important to keep up with Google. The new feature from Google will allow advertisers to separate their bids for mobile, tablet, and desktop, but in the same manner, it allows them to pick an anchor for bid. In the former set up, the anchor bid is the same as the desktop or tablet bid. So if you want to make adjustments, you need to increase or decrease your mobile bids. Now it’s different because in those three devices, you can choose one as your anchor and make adjustments to the other two if needed.

This update is most helpful for businesses that focus more on mobile-device experience.


  1. Expanded Text Ads

This is a rumor revolving around the web. The ads contain longer, double headline, 80 character description, and two additional “paths” added to the Display URL. In the announcement, Google demands that old standard texts should be removed if the advertisers wish to apply the new standard texts. There will be no exceptions.


  1. Demographic Targeting

Google released Demographics for search ads feature to help advertisers target specific demographics. It is similar to location or remarketing targeting where advertisers possess the ability to increase or decrease their targets for ages and genders.

This new feature is extremely helpful for companies that target a specific age group or gender as it allows them to spend more on those searches for maximizing conversion.


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  1. Price Extensions

There are two updates in price extensions which started last July, 2016. First, the swipeable price extensions for mobile devices last November, 2016. Second, price extensions were available to show on all devices last March, 2017.

Price extensions are a great feature for advertisers who have various service offerings or tiered services. This new feature allows digital advertisers to separate each of their services, price, description, and even send each to different landing pages.


  1. Campaign-Level Audience Targeting

When Google introduced the option to apply Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) at the campaign level last December of 2016, advertisers experienced a great opportunity to save time. This time, there’s no need to apply RLSA modifiers to every individual ad group, which is usually very time-consuming.

This new campaign level audience target does not only make RLSA bid set up easier, but also makes the measuring and optimizing performance much more streamlined.


Each of the new features have their own specific benefits that you can utilize to improve your marketing campaign. Whether you’re planning to schedule more appointments or make a bigger inventory sale this year, these new AdWords features can help. Check out one of our Google Conferences with Google experts!



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