A Full Guide to Account Based Marketing

account based marketing


A Full Guide to Account Based Marketing


Account based marketing, or ABM, is a type of strategic business marketing. In this setting, an organization takes a customer's account and treats them like it's their own market. ABM is typically done using enterprise-level sales and is very relevant to B2B efforts. ABM is useful for companies that have multiple buyers or stakeholders because part of the goal is to address the needs of the company by connecting or communicating with all of the stakeholders. This is also a good reason why ABM works well in a B2B setting. Often times, you'll need to work with more than five stakeholders. 


ABM and Inbound Marketing

Account based marketing and inbound marketing are a bit different. The latter focuses on creating great content so that prospects are brought to you while putting more emphasis on existing accounts and individual prospects. However, both complement each other. Most organizations use ABM and inbound marketing because they can have a list of target accounts, and inbound marketing is used to supplement the accounts acquired. So if you want to know more about ABM, here is a guide to account based marketing:



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Identify Your Target

Defining your target audience is one of the most important pieces for a successful marketing campaign. Always remember that you are dealing with large companies, and not just individual people. When identifying target accounts, make sure that it's a collaborative effort between sales and marketing, especially since the data from both areas will be needed.


Research Account

Once you know who your target audience is, the goal is to treat these organizations like they're your biggest clients. It's really helpful if you have detailed information and representation of your ideal business clients. Make sure to be familiar with the elements, such as company structure and who the players are that can dictate how you share your product or service to your intended targets.


Create Content

Now that you have the names of the key players in all the accounts, you will now need to create content that your readers will love. The content must not only mention the main points of the specific players, but also to specific businesses. The content should also be focused on the single ideas that you would like to create for each organization.


Choose Channels

Make sure to use the right channels to promote your content. Some companies like to use social media platforms to target people online.




Start Your Campaign

Once you have selected your targets and ruled out the specifics of their compositions, content, and you have chosen the right channels to promote your content, it is now time to start your campaign. Make sure to run your campaign with care because you'll need to coordinate your messages across different channels.

It's also important to measure your results. Ask the right questions every time you measure the results of your ABM campaign.



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