How do You Build a Banking Website for Millennials and Baby Boomers?

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How do You Build a Banking Website for Millennials and Baby Boomers?


When you're building a banking website, you don't necessarily target a specific age group, but you do have to make sure that your site can be used by people from different ages. For years, banking institutes have been creating websites that are not really user-friendly for seniors and are more targeted to millennials. Bankers have been creating barriers that prevent seniors from accessing bank services in their mobile devices like laptops or mobile phones. Seniors and people who are over 65 years old find banking websites hard to navigate. If they want to get service, they find it hard to do so and have to either rely to a younger person in the household to assist them or they have to call customer service to ask for additional help. Seniors tend to be overlooked by a lot of website developers over the tech-savvy millennials. So, how do you build a banking website for millennials and baby boomers?


Seniors often times get impatient when it comes to dealing with modern technology and tend to give up at least 2 times faster than millennials. Websites that are hard to navigate will annoy almost anybody and seniors are usually the victims of these sites. Also, half of seniors tend to ask for a list of directions on how to navigate a banking website and sometimes they find it hard to memorize the instructions that the provider has given them when navigating the site. 


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Why do you need to change your outlook?

Millennials always need banking services. Most of them use it for their expenses in school, and some who are already working also need to have banking services so that they can apply for loans and other services. Seniors, who also need banking services are also obligated to use the same service that banking websites offer to millennials today. Although only around 18% of mobile banking users are seniors compared to millennials which are around 67%, this is still a huge number. Losing 18% of your customers is already a large loss in profit and trust from your clients. 


Suggestions on how to be more baby boomer friendly

There are a lot of ways that you can be more senior friendly and also keep your millennial customer base as well. One of the suggestions is for your site to have a more readable and understandable font. Make sure to change your font to a good enough size and avoid using fancy fonts that are hard to understand. Also, when your site shows an error message, make sure that the pop up message can be easily understood and do not use any computer audio message. Keeping changes to a minimum is also recommended. Not only baby boomers dislike website changes, but sometimes even millennials as well. Hyperlinks are important so make sure that they are always readable and also easy to locate. Drop-down menus are very popular but is not recommended for websites that have senior users. Instead, use a static user interface widget and other designs that does not need perfect pointing with the cursor.



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