How Drones Are Useful for Real Estate in 2017

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How Drones Are Useful for Real Estate in 2017


What’s that in the sky? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a drone, ladies and gentlemen! The autumn/winter homebuying season has just began and it is not a surprise to see drones flying above houses that are about to be introduced into the market. Real estate agents are now mainly depending on drone photos and videography to be able to market their homes that are for sale in a more effective and appealing manner.



In August 2016, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) became lenient on their rules regarding the use of drones. Pilots for flying drones are no longer required to have an FAA license to fly one. This has led to the fascination of real estate professionals to show interest on drone photography and videography.

It's no secret that drones are useful for real estate in 2017, and  here’s a list of the top reasons why:


1. It’s right for your budget

Although the initial reaction of some people would be to stay away from the use of drones because they think it may expensive and not worth the investment, think again. This would be true if you're basing it on previous statistics. Before drones were actually accessible to real estate professionals, they were used for pricey aerial photography used in planes or helicopters to capture satellite images, like pictures found on Google Earth. But if we are talking about the current market, drone photography sessions start from $379 for 10 photos and $479 for both photos and a video with a duration of one minute. This is really more affordable according to real estate pros because they know that photography is necessary for marketing their property. According to them, before drones ever existed, real estate businesses needed to invest on hiring helicopters just to shoot for million dollar homes. Having drones accessible for the real estate business has made a 360 degree turn for this industry.


2. Keeping up with the trend

Since drones are the next big thing in the field of real estate business right now, being able to take advantage of drone aerial photography and videography seems to add extra point on a real estate agent’s profile. It makes potential clients connect the use of drones to the viability of the real estate company that they are negotiating with. Drones are hot and mainstream in the world of real estate marketing right now!


3. Perfect views for bigger homes 

Drone aerial photography is specifically helpful for capturing breath-taking images of huge, unique-looking properties which are not as visually captivating if captured from the ground. An example would be a home with a spacious lakefront property that is on and off the market. With the use of drone photography, the property’s basketball court and private lakefront was captured, something that was missed in the previous marketing images. What previously looked like was a boring two-story house was put into the spotlight and paved the right way in order for the home to be sold.


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