How Mobile Commerce is Growing Around the World

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How Mobile Commerce is Growing Around the World


Mobile Commerce is growing and dominating the online world today. The number of people resorting to mobile shopping gradually increases every year. If you’re still not on mobile, then you business may be behind and it’s time to think what benefits it can bring to your business.



In the last two years, mobile use has exploded, and you don't want to get left behind. Mobile marketing received an important update in Google’s algorithm where mobile-friendly websites are to be rewarded, and those which are not fully optimized for mobile searching are to be penalized. Since the announcement of the update, the number of search queries on Smartphones increased exceedingly and immediately surpassed the search queries on tablets and desktop computers.

In 2016, Mobile Commerce makes up 34% of all transactions globally and it’s predicted to increase 31% more by this 2017.


In what countries is Mobile Commerce growing faster?

According to statistics, mCommerce is fast growing in Japan, United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia and the Netherlands. There was a big increase of mobile use in India (from 30.3% in 2012 to 62.9% in 2014), Taiwan (from 28.2% in 2012 to 62.6% in 2014), and Malaysia (from 25.4% in 2012 to 45.6% in 2014).


What are the fastest growing mCommerce merchants?

Based on the most recent research, the top ten merchants that received the biggest sales include GOME Electrical Appliances (634%), Nebraska Furniture Mart (500%), Yihaodian (456%), VIPShop Holdings (451%), HappiGo (389%), Suning Appliance (363%), Vancl (275%), Dangdang (274%), Jumei (239%) and Xiaomi (233%).


What countries have the highest mobile shoppers?

According to the most recent statistics, the top three countries with the most mobile shoppers are China (68%), United Arab Emirates (57%) and Turkey (53%). But this can change in the next few years, depending on the impact of mobile use in other countries. It’s still under  observation to which country this 2017 will emerge as the one that has the most mobile shoppers.


What transaction category has the biggest order value?

There are numerous kinds of products on the internet, but among all those items displayed virtually for sale, which among them dominate the mobile market? According to the latest statistic, Computer, TV and Multimedia products are the most sellable today.

  1. Computer/TV/Mulitmedia
  2. Books, Music and Games
  3. Home and Furniture
  4. Vehicle and Equipment
  5. Office Supplies
  6. Jewelry
  7. Apparel and Accessories
  8. Pet Supplies
  9. Health and Beauty
  10. Baby, Kids and Toys
  11. Groceries
  12. Flowers and Gifts

What gender is more dominant in mobile shopping?

It actually depends on the type of products being sold because there are items that are more sellable to women and there are some that are more sellable to men. Here is the data to help you better understand it:

  • Apparel and Accessories: 28.7% Female | 17.2% Male
  • Health and Beauty: 14.1% Female | 5.9% Male
  • Sporting Goods: 12.5% Female | 24.5% Male
  • Furniture: 10.3% Female | 11.8% Male
  • Pet Supplies: 7.3% Female | 4.2% Male
  • Groceries: 5.7% Female | 4.9% Male
  • Computer and Electronics: 5.0% Female | 11.6% Male
  • Books, Music and Games: 4.0% Female | 6.0% Male
  • Baby, Kids and Toys: 3.4% Female | 1.4% Male
  • Automotive Equipment: 1.7% Female | 5.1% Male


Who are the most successful mobile retailers?

From the most recent statistic, the top five retailers that acquired the highest share of shoppers visit on mobile are Apple (59%), TicketMaster (59%), Target (53%), QVC (53%) and Kohl’s (48%). Additionally, statistics show that 64% of mobile users do their shopping via an app, while 52% of them do their shopping via browser.


Why do online shoppers prefer more the use of apps than browser?

According to the survey, people find it more convenient to do transactions via a mobile app because it is incredibly fast, especially when paying with PaypPal or a credit card. By using an app, you can instantly receive confirmation of payment and the process is very simple. You can be reminded of the various options to apply offers, coupons and discounts. And most of all, you can do transactions without sharing your financial details with the merchant.



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