How to Determine If Your Facebook Ad Is Successful

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With a sea of advertising options in the digital space today, it becomes difficult for online marketers to decide what digital marekting strategies to employ for their advertising campaign. Have you been trapped into this seemingly never-ending maze of finding that sweet spot in Facebook (FB)? If you are, then you know that there has been a constant update in Facebook algorithm that made it difficult for online advertisers (including you) to keep up. But don’t worry. This article will go over the best practices in creating Facebook ads and help you determine if your Facebook ad is successful.



FB Advertising Tip #1: Measure your return

The most common problem is making Facebook advertising work for beginners is that they are too focused with front-end numbers, with a wrong perception: paying the lowest upfront cost would yield big revenue. More often than not, this is sort of trial and error, which is not always a bad strategy, yet definitely not the right approach for effective Facebook ads. If you’re serious about generating bigger sales, you need to do a little math on your end and calculate the cost per lead.

For you to calculate that, you need to look at the bigger picture. You need to understand your goals first before proceeding to your Facebook ads by answering this important question: What action do you want your customers to take after seeing your ad?


FB Advertising Tip #2: Start right

Let’s suppose that your goal is to make your customers purchase a three-product kit from your online store. If you’re planning to run an ad straight to that product, please don’t. The start has to be right, so consider using something that’s less overwhelming like a one-time offer. On your Facebook ad, offer your customers a discount on your product with a condition that they have to sign up to your e-mail subscribers list.

This is a right start because people rarely purchase products during their first contact with the brand. Your goal is to establish a good relationship with them to continue to grow the “know, like and trust” factor, which will eventually lead them to a successful purchase.


FB Advertising Tip #3: Test your audience

In Facebook advertising, you need to determine your specific target audience and this is usually tedious work to many. If you’re running your Facebook ad to cold traffic or people who have never been to your website, the cost ranges from about $2 to $3 per lead, depending on your industry. A 6-9% conversion rate of those people justifies your investment. If you’re not hitting that figure, there’s something wrong. Either you’ve picked the wrong audience or your ad is not inviting enough. Solve this issue by changing one thing at a time until you find the problem.


FB Advertising Tip #4: Make a strategic approach to your ads

It is not really necessary for you to have your product and service completely ready before you start growing your leads and email list. However, it is a must that you know what you need to spend, offer and earn. Therefore, break down your offers to first-time users and go from there. This also works for developed businesses that are about to offer their products to new customers. From there, start balancing your data and adjust your marketing for those audiences that convert best.



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Written by Daniela Belevan

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