How to Make Effective Instagram Ads with MailChimp

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How to Make Effective Instagram Ads with MailChimp


In an online business, the best way to reach your customers is to go where they always hang out. So if you’re running a small business or selling stuff on the internet, Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns in MailChimp can help you a lot. It’s not only a place where you can run your ads, but it’s also a place that gives you a clear picture on which ads are making you money.



How can you drive customers to your store? Below are some helpful strategies for you to learn how to make effective Instagram ads with MailChimp.


Instagram and Facebook Combo is great

Effective Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads can help grow your business because each of them has individual strengths in reaching specific demography. Instagram is designed in a way to keep people inside the app that’s why a lot of e-commerce businesses emerged successful creating ads on this platform, but often they use Facebook ads to collect more direct responses through clicks.

Prior to running an ad, it’s important to determine how well it performs across platforms. If you share the same ad in both Facebook and Instagram, will it receive response from your target audience? Or do you think that creating different ads tailored to each platform will generate better results?

For example, if you run a clothing collection ad on Facebook, it’s best to use images with faces of people on them because they perform better on this platform. To make people even more engaged, add some incentives like free shipping and some discounts. Conversion will more likely happen this way.

On Instagram, if you wish to promote the same collection, it’s best to choose images that focus on the products instead on the one who wears them. On this platform, exclude the incentives like those on Facebook. Instagram has a different culture so it’s best to abide with it.

Instagram is more efficient for brand awareness and Facebook for driving direct responses. The best ad strategy is to utilize the strengths of both platforms as you create your ads. And don’t forget to include your call to action button so that your visitors will have an option to make a purchase.


Find people who are similar to your current customers

Through you MailChimp list, you can easily spot your audience. By creating your Instagram ads in MailChimp, your list data will help target your current customers on Instagram and even find people with the same interest as your existing audience. All sections you find on your list are helpful in attracting new visitors and targeting those people who already know your brand is even more cost-effective strategy than looking for new buyers.

MailChimp has pre-built segments that target audience who are similar to your existing audience and people who are most engaged in your ads. It will help double your ad’s ROI.


Track your reports

MailChimp can tell which of your ads are really working through its easy-to-read reports. The ROI reports allow you to track your revenue, customers acquired, and products sold. This data can help improve your marketing efforts in the future.





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