How to Make Local Marketing Work for Halloween 2017

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As the final week of October approaches, everyone is extremely excited about Halloween. It's that time of the year again when people bring out their most creative side and dress up as famous television or movie characters, brain-eating zombies, and beautiful fairies and princesses. It is a great way for everyone to test their creativity and dress up as whatever they want, from inanimate objects like giant hotdogs, to the ones we commonly see in horror movies like corpses and ghosts. Isn’t it amazing how everyone is able to think outside the box and come up with amusing and unique Halloween costumes?




Why do we dress up with our special Halloween costumes year after year? It's mainly to follow our yearly tradition of going from house to house trick or treating. It's the time of the year when thousands of families purchase treats for everyone who will be knocking on their doors. It is the season when families keep their homes welcome to various trick or treat enthusiasts, who usually consist of their neighbors, friends and family.

Statistics show that a whopping $8.3 billion was spent by 170 million Americans last year during Halloween. This means that this Halloween season is something you should take advantage of. Listed below are top two mobile location marketing techniques that will help you make local marketing work for Halloween this 2017.


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1. Get to know your Halloween consumers

First, let’s look into some statistics. According to the National Retail Federation, 47% of people are planning to dress up in Halloween costumes this year, while other credible surveys show that 73% of American homes will purchase at least one Halloween costume. Half of the respondents are projected to buy their costumes at physical stores like Walmart, while fewer ones will shop online. Wherever these respondents choose to do their shopping, the online world is a significant avenue for both inspiration, marketing and sales. An average of $31.03 will be spent by adults, costumes are not just for kids but for adults as well. However, millennials take their Halloween costume game to a higher notch, spending $42.39 on an average, mainly due to their high social media dedication.

What does this tell us? Let’s target the ones who are willing to spend big, the millenials. Remember that different generations consume content differently. This season, make sure that you define your target market so that your marketing is founded mainly on demographic and location data. Social media and Facebook ads can be really helpful and may be the starting point in your connection with millennials. Keep the hype of dressing up by making your ads as creative as possible. Don't forget to sustain the shopping energy with mobile and social media by posting at the best times, when these consumers are most likely to shop.

2. Working Smart vs. Working Hard: Create Your Halloween Marketing Strategies, the smarter way

Potential consumers are those who have visited you physical stores, or those who visit your competitor's shop. You can use these store visits as sectors for targeting with Halloween offers. You can also start retargeting them at home through their mobile devices or on television. A large chunk of American households claim that they will spend the night watching Halloween specials on TV. This TV primetime is the best opportunity for you to create longer ads that will generate higher leads for potential customers to visit and make a purchase. 



Have fun and #HappyHalloween!



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Daniela Belevan

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