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Entrepreneurs have their own game. They call it business, and the objective of this game is to stay on top. This means you need to have the skills and tools to stay ahead of the competition. One of the best and yet effective tool is SEO. Search engine optimization is fast, but (could be) confusing and complicated for some individuals, businesses and organizations. Below are important SEO Essentials for business entrepreneurs and why it's important in order for them to gain online presence in the digital world.


Having your own website is not a guarantee for an immediate success in your business’ popularity. You will still have to deal with issues such as getting traffic or how to rank higher on search engines using SEO. Also, it is very important to make your website responsive, for most of the people browse using their phone than their computer 


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Onsite SEO

Despite the fact that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is already a common term, a lot of people don't understand what on-site optimization is. On-site optimization includes 25% SEO factors that make your website content worthy of a position in the search result. The page content is the meat of your website and possibly the reason why people visit your site. The ideal content pages must be specific and hyper-relevant to a given topic, whether it's a product or an object, so Google can categorize it properly and determine how to rank your website.


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Offsite SEO

Also known as the off-page SEO. This refers to factors that measure the value of your inbound link. While onsite SEO takes place inside the website, offsite SEO takes place outside the website. Doing a guest blog to a different site and leaving a comment, is an example of off-site SEO campaign.

Links - these are still important to Google. Having links to your website on large platforms and high ranking blogs does not only make substantial traffic, but it will definitely help your website get a higher rank on Google.


Whitehat SEO

White-hat SEO is good SEO. The techniques applied increases your website’s search performance on SERP (search engine results page) and keeping up with the terms of service without breaking any rules. Here are a few white hat techniques: 

  • Providing quality content
  • Keyword analysis
  • Easy website navigation
  • Backlinking
  • Link-building


White hat techniques are the best method to generate successful business and website. Writing good content for other sites to link to can increase online popularity, thus increasing the rank of your website.


Blackhat SEO

Many entrepreneurs think that black hat SEO is the key to producing instant ranking results, providing massive online visibility, and dominating the world market. Black-hat SEO is still considered an illegal practice whether your intention is to deceive or not. These strategies can result an increase in your ranking – temporarily, but you will certainly get your website penalized. Below are some of the black-hat seo techniques:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Use of invisible text
  • Page swapping
  • Creating fake pages in getting desired backlinks
  • Use of doorway pages


Optimizing your blog content for SEO is not just the only thing to consider for a successful business. Having a website that looks good and is easy for your users’ to understand and navigate means good SEO. In other words, take SEO as a method of user experience. 



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