The Value of Keywords Today

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The Value of Keywords Today


Keywords remain valuable today because they help bring targeted clients to your clients for no cost. However, many business owners who don’t specialize in SEO still have wrong perception about keywords, and their perception has been slow to change. 




It’s hard to change old habits. This is why keyword-loyalists are having a hard time giving up their wrong perception even if they don’t make sense at all. They won’t do so unless there are obvious replacement tactics available. Keywords should be utilized constructively. But sadly, most people use them unthinkingly. Keywords offer value in SEO and they can improve quality of content is selective cases. What writers need to do is identify the differences between the incorrect use of keywords and the creative application of keyword insights to deliver quality content to targeted audience. So what is the value of keywords today?

How Keywords Work on Page Titles.

Google has altered keyword planner’s behavior. Google’s AdWords keyword planner may present forecasts of impressions that are associated with a search keyword, but don’t forget that ad impressions are not the same as search impressions. This means that keywords in keyword planner are not intended for organic search ranking. 


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Search Keywords are not very solid in understanding user intent.

Many SEO consultants and writers think that search keywords can provide them rich data to help them craft more targeted content, but search keywords are not very solid in understanding user content – their behavior and motivation. A few search keywords are definitely not enough to do so.

For an instance “dead Wi-Fi” is short, inelegant and ambiguous. Surely you wouldn’t know the person’s age that made this search. You also wouldn’t know the person’s level of understanding towards wireless routers. Most of all, you wouldn’t know the person’s intention for searching these keywords.


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Search Keywords should not be used just to rank high, but to better understand audience.

The real purpose of search keywords is to understand your audience’s language and capturing your audience's eye. It is best to determine what audience segments matter most to your brand.

Unsegmented Google keyword data does not provide the perfect mirror to your audience. Avoid being data-focused; instead, go for being audience-centric.

Don’t be too concerned about page views. Instead, give more time understanding who your audience is. Don’t think that everyone is equally important for your brand; otherwise, you’ll be in big trouble. Don’t rely on keywords in writing generic copy.




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