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The Psychology Of Fonts in Media

3 minute reading
    We are surrounded by a million words, phrases and sentences every day that we glance at and register subconsciously. Companies try their best to catch your attention with their ads and convince you to try their product with flowery words and catchy phrases. It all happens so quickly that you may have not even thought about what underlying factors are influencing us.    
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Graphic Design logo design


# Digital Marketing
3 minute reading
    Brands are currently entering the digitized world as they continue to compete with one another, making sure they can gain enough market in this platform. We can all say that before, the marketing mantra of companies was to “sell, sell, sell” as quickly and as aggressively as possible. However, t...
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Decographic Wins 2018 Packaging Design Awards

# Graphic Design
2 minute reading
    Another year, another win! The winners for the 55th Anniversary American Package Design Awards have been announced, and DecoGraphic is proud to be one of the 15% of the agencies selected as winners. Each year, Graphic Design USA honors thousands of creative professionals in the design, web and p...
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