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Why is Having a Call-to-Action Important?

3 minute reading
Why is having a Call-to-Action important? If your CTA buttons are generic or poorly utilized, then you will get very little attention and you will suffer the “Bad CTA” syndrome. Truth is, if you're using 'click here', 'buy now', or 'order now' as your CTA, then it might be time to start switching strategies. Having a strong CTA button on your website will help you increase user interaction as well as achieve other business goals.
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7 Guidelines for a Perfect Email Onboarding Flow

# Digital Marketing
3 minute reading
Score! You've been getting your target customers to sign up for your products/promotions. So, now what? What should you do next? Keep in mind that marketing doesn’t end the moment your clients signs up for the product. This simply means that there’s still a long way to go to keep your connection wit...
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