What's Best for Advertising? The Internet or Television?

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What's Best for Advertising? The Internet or Television? 

When it comes to advertising, there are a lot of platforms to build your brand on. But nothing comes close to the power of both television and the internet. Television ads have been used since the beginning of advertising and it has been the staple of marketing campaigns. But ever since the internet came into the loop, campaigns shifted and now more agencies are using the internet for digital marketing campaigns rather than television. However, what a lot of people really missed when they started formulating their strategy is the understanding of how exactly the two marketing strategies stack up against each other.  So, what's best for advertising? The internet or television?


Advantages of Television Advertising

Television has been around for a very long time now and ever since the first program aired on TV, companies have been using this type of media to showcase their products to a wide audience. One of the main advantages is that when using television, you can reach out to people of all ages. When you use internet marketing, depending on the social media platform used, you are reaching a younger generation. Also, TV ads can expose your brand more since almost every half hour or so, your commercial will be shown to viewers.


Advantages of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has not been used that long as compared to TV marketing, but is still one of the more popular marketing strategies that is being used today. Compared to the television, you get to reach out to anyone in the world at any time. The internet is used globally, and you will be exposing your company to a worldwide audience, as opposed to the television where your ads can only be viewed by the local audience. Internet marketing also tends to be cheaper than television advertising since you do not need to purchase airtime and hire famous personalities to promote your brand.

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What does research have to say?

While both marketing strategies can be advantageous, there is still a debate on what is really effective. A research from a business professor from Stanford, Wesley R. Hartmann, shows that online advertising performs equally with television marketing when evaluated using a brand's trusted metrics. In their research paper, Dr. Hartmann's team compared the performance of online and TV advertisements using 20 different campaigns and industries. Their research shows a fundamental issue when it comes to television advertising: It is more focused on branding. What this means is that the main focus of television branding is to influence somebody about a specific brand, and the benefits of owning the product. On the other hand, online advertising tends to expose the product, but sometimes it might be hard to track down or identify the person who viewed the ad, and whether or not they really purchased it.



Additional surveys show that people who are more exposed to the internet have a lower recognition of the brands that are usually shown on television. 

In conclusion, it's important to examine your product or service, and really narrow down your ideas. Whether you use television or online advertising, you have to focus on your product.

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