Why are Apple iPhone users so crazy about new releases?

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Ever since the introduction of the iPhone back in 2007, it has garnered a lot of attention. With the already successful Apple iPod, the iPhone introduced new features and a better Operating System different from most mobile phones in the market at the time. Every year, Apple innovates and creates new features that are added to new iPhone software included in every new release. And every time a new iPhone model is scheduled for a release, fans of the brand would line up to get their hands on the newest model. So why is it that Apple users would line up and wait for the new iPhone?


apple-store-ny.jpgExcited Apple users waiting in line for a new iPhone


The question that the  market, most of all, the competitors, always ask, why people would line up and wait patiently for the new iPhone to be released. Some even camp outside of the store that the phone will be released in as long as 3 days just to be able to get their hands on the new phone.  Although iPhone is not an essential need like food, water or clothing, to these fans, this is just as important as the need. Being the first one to get the new iPhone in your neighborhood is always a bragging right. If you show your friends who also own the latest phone model, they would look into the new gadget. Lastly, they drool over to the new features. In other words, they always consider the attribute the gadget has. The moment some people would notice of the latest model, they too wouldn’t mind standing or even camping out and staying in line to patiently wait to get hold of it. 

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etc_applestore39__01__630x420.jpgWhy would people line up in stores and have to wait in line under the scorching hot sun when they can just pre order the phone online and not have to go to the store and line up for hours and sometimes even days for the new iPhone? The main reason lining up is a good way to show your support not only for the phone itself, but for the brand as well. Marketing heads always like to see people waiting patiently to get the new release are a great sign for them. This shows that the brand has a lot of supporters and they have no problems when it comes to promoting a new release. It can also show that the iPhone is not dead as some would say it is.


munster-todays-iphone-lines-are-massive-and-apple-will-sell-6-million-units-this-weekend.jpgSo, if somebody asks you, are you willing to wait in line only to get hold of the latest iPhone? Or experience the luxury in getting the gadget by pre-ordering, buying, and lastly have it delivered  at the doorstep and enjoy the comforts of it. However, if you want to choose the latter, there wouldn’t be any story to tell. Lining up is a good way for you to show support for the brand and the phone as well as being social and chatting with some of the users of the phone and sharing your experiences with them.


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Do you know why are Apple iPhone users so crazy about new releases? Do you have any crazy story from waiting in line for the release of something? As always share your thoughts and comments down below and have a great weekend!

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