Why You Should Hire a Virtual Reality Agency

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Why You Should Hire a Virtual Reality Agency


It’s not just about hiring a virtual reality agency (VRA) that you should think of. You should focus on hiring a team who uses top technology trends and equipment, otherwise, you’ll never really taste success. Most big companies understand that hiring a virtual reality agency today is key to attracting more clientele in the future. Below are reasons why you should hire a virtual reality agency.




360 Degrees Video

Today, virtual reality is changing our lifestyles. 360 degree video is the easiest way for brands to get into VR and this includes 3D/Stereoscopic, 4K, 8K and Livestream. If you bring these photos to VR, it is required that they are 100% stable shots so you might need the help of software tools like Mettle, Kolor Pano, etc. By the way, Adobe Suite is introducing brand new tools to be used in 360 degrees every day.


Virtual Tours

Virtual tours for recruitment, pre-construction, real estate and offices are great ways to use this technology. You can see this being used by Google, YouVisit and Matterport which if you observe have their own pros and cons. The VRA will try to understand the right technology to deploy and in what part of the development is the tricky part. This strategy is important so that you’ll be able to deliver ROI to your company, but also deliver value to both your employees and customers.



Now that we know the importance of product videos for ecommerce, check this out: Virtual and Augmented Reality commerce is gaining so much popularity today that it will be approximatly worth $1.3T by 2035. Many startups are working on almost everything from VR Shopping to AR Shopping and Web Based VR.


3D Products

If you’re thinking about a big revolution, 3D Product imaging for vCommerce is what you need to focus on. It has a great promise for brands in finding easy ways to scale their product items into 3D format where both VR and 2D are possible. Products can be scanned by either Rendered or Photogrammetry. Rendered is done even without taking a single photo. It is made by using computer graphics. Meanwhile, Photogrammetry is composed of hundreds of single images that are mapped into a final wireframe.


Communications and Meetings

Communications market today is taking a big step to technology advancement and it’s going to be an exciting market this year and for the years to come. It is really impressive to use VR in communicating others who are in different parts of the world. Of course, there are challenges along the way. VR agencies need to provide fast, easy and scalable ways to security against potential hacks. 


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