Cambridge Innovation Center is taking a big gamble in Miami Tech

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Cambridge Innovation Center is taking a big gamble in Miami Tech


Miami is known to be one of the vacation hotspots in the U.S. because of its beaches and multinational environment, but lately it is also starting to become a technology hub. One of the latest organization that recognizes Miami’s future is Cambridge Innovation Center. Now, Cambridge Innovation Center is taking a big gamble in Miami Tech. The organization chose Miami as its second expansion location in the U.S. and its center is looking to accommodate more than 500 startup tech companies. The location of the center will be in the University of Miami Life Science and Technology Park in Overtown. CIC Miami is expected to open its doors in the fall of 2016 and some of the spaces will be available in the spring. The CIC team hopes that will be make Miami one of the future tech hubs in the future and will help anchor the tech district of Latin America.

What makes Miami so special?

Miami is one of the most visited cities in the U.S. with thousands of tourists both local and international visiting the city each year. Most people who visit the city are either coming here for its entertainment and beautiful beaches, while other are here for business. Tourism is always active in Miami and because of this, the innovation industry is taking advantage of this and trying to turn Miami into the new tech destination in the U.S. Other big players are already placing their bets in South Beach, and some of these players are WeWork co-working chain which recently opened their own office in Miami Beach. Silicon Valley startup companies also brought one of its programs in this city, as well as Founder Institute  who also just announced that it will be launching one of its startup programs in Miami. 

CIC Miami plans to open its doors in the early fall of 2016 with preliminary space being available, and events will kick off in spring or summer 2016. The organization will officially launch its first building which will create a public space on the ground floor, a co-working on the 3rd floor and a office on the 6th floor. CIC also aims to launch its nonprofit organization which is called the Venture Cafe Foundation which aims to run initiatives and events. Other events that the organization is looking to hold are business programs for the youth, Thursday meetups, visiting investor programs, education fellowships and pitch events.

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What is CIC all about?

CIC, or the Cambridge Innovation Center, was founded in 1999 in Cambridge Massachusetts as a place for CIC founder Tim Rowe and his buddies to work on startups. Their concept grew over the past few years and some founding teams started to move in and stay which contributed to the company’s growth. Today, CIC houses more than a thousand companies across all locations, the densest in Cambridge with around 750 startups. Today, the company is looking to expand and Miami is its next target for its expansion which the CEO says has the potential to connect to startup communities in the healthcare and life science industries.


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