4 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Become Obsolete in 2017

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 4 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Become Obsolete in 2017


John F. Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” President Kennedy certainly knew something about the ever-changing nature of the world we are living in. Speaking of change, there are many things in our life that changes once in a while. Some of them are modernization, technology, and digital marketing. Below is a list of some changes that might happen to digital marketing trends this 2017. Trends that might be transformed, innovated or maybe totally eliminated. Here are some digital marketing trends that will become obsolete in 2017, according to our expertise:




1. Goodbye big banner ads!

Have you ever come across those big banner ads in some websites? Say goodbye because they are now officially dead. Most marketers have recognized the user's concern of getting sidetracked by these banner ads instead of focusing on the primary reason why they have visited a certain website. So this digital marketing tool is decreasingly used by digital marketers and instead they are focusing more on using other type of digital marketing strategies which may create more consumer leads. 



2. Don’t get stuck with stock images

Stock images are a supply of photographs, which are often licensed for specific uses and are commercially available. However, this is no longer a trend in the digital marketing world because consumers feel disconnected when seeing stock images. They are more likely get attracted to sites which offer personalized images which generate more shares and likes.


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3. Say NO to Fake Reviews

Many consumers check online reviews first before making a purchase, as reported by a 2015 study by market intelligence agency Mintel. A huge percentage among them believe that these online reviews are sincere and consider them as personal recommendations. In response to this behavior, some marketers have opted to create fake reviews to attract more customers to increase sales revenue. However, lawsuits have been filed against companies for publishing fake reviews which in turn made customers become more careful in assessing online reviews. When consumers no longer believe in fake reviews, companies will not be using this marketing trend either. Consider it close to dead.



4. Popup Ads

Does it bother you when you’re visiting a certain website and pop up ads suddenly appear, distracting you from your task? This is why Google has announced to penalize websites that use pop up ads.

When planning for your next Digital Marketing strategy for 2017, don't forget to take note of these trends that are no longer trendy. It might just save you a few more bucks for your  business venture.


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