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Why Good Photography is Necessary for Your Marketing

4 minute reading
    Did you know that 37% of marketing experts conclude that visual form of marketing makes up the most vital part of content for various corporate industries? It’s an innovative business model that shouldn't surprise you. This is because research says that 65% of the human race learns visually. What does that contribute to visual marketing, you may ask. Since a large portion of your target market are said to be visual learners, they will be able to understand the message that your brand wants t...
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How to Create Video Content Without Being on Camera

# video marketing
3 minute reading
  The value of video content nowdays is important because it is a brand new strategic move to get ahead of the competition. It is a type of visual content to increase your conversion rates and is useful in sending your message to the right audience, including customers, investors and employees. It i...
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Why People Are Not Reading Your Blogs

# content marketing
3 minute reading
  Content Marketing has become a prevailing marketing method widely used by digital marketers globally.  It is definitely one of the most popular and successful marketing trends in 2017. In line with this, companies both small and big are investing in content marketing strategies in the forms of blo...
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Are Fonts and Emotions Related?

# Design
3 minute reading
  Do you still remember your favorite book as a child? Or better yet, do you have a favorite book now as an adult? If you come to think about it, what draws us into the book at first are the visual elements. This is a huge part of your digital  marketing campaign where visual marketing plays an impo...
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