What is Google's Project Tango?

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What is Google's Project Tango?



If you think that the gap between the real world and the virtual world is still beyond our reach, think again. Slowly it has been gradually merging into a single entity. What was once a novelty has quickly moved to a more developed user engagement. Optimization is essential to both the AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) world. 



Apple acquired Metaio, which was the startup of an Augmented Reality. Facebook acquired Oculus Rift, which has allowed the VR Film Henry to be introduced. Now Google has conducted an advanced test to determine which tools are needed to create on what is AR and VR today: Project Tango


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Getting to know Project Tango 

What is Google's Project Tango? Project Tango is a technology platform being developed by Google, to keep track and map the surroundings of a tablet or smartphone, without using GPS or any other external signals. This requires a number of cameras and motion sensors being installed in order to track the exact location. 


According to Forbes magazine, real estate developers can take advantage of the guided tours of the buildings or units, simulation of the area, and other applications that allow the user to have a natural view of the entire plan. All these can be offered virtually. These can be provided right at the tip of your fingers by tapping your tablet. 


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In a nutshell, although it may seem to be difficult for marketers to promote their product or simply their business to the public, all it takes is a good strategy on how it's done in the virtual world. Sure you may be  content for your website, but you have to realize that it is also important to allow the internet community to be drawn in to what you have been writing.Content matters and plays a big part of your strategy


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