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Avoid These Common Facebook Ad Mistakes in 2020

2 minute reading
Facebook is not just your usual social media platform; it can also be an avenue for businesses to advertise their products and services. According to a survey conducted by Hootsuite, the average Facebook user clicks are on 11 ads per month. Even though there is a significant decline because of the privacy violations, it still makes up for 40 percent of annual digital display advertising revenue. Given these numbers, it is still safe to say that it is a good avenue for new business owners to adve...
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How to Keep Track of Your Social Media by Tracking Analytics

# Business
2 minute reading
    Social media has evolved from a platform for people across the globe to connect and communicate to a medium for  businesses to showcase their products and services. We live a modern society where almost everything is virtual and online. This is why the websites like social media platforms have b...
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How to Find Your Social Media Target Audience

# social media
2 minute reading
    We live in a digital era of fast connections and quick information. Anyone can now conveniently find anything that they want and need by just a click of a button. This is the reason that most businesses have also opted to boost their market through the internet, especially through social media p...
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